May 2015

Fading Sink Tulips

Muskrats in the Spring

May 11, 2015 Nature, Trapping

Spring is so brassy … And sometimes, it brings muskrats … Muskrat signs on the pond bottom – first of the season.  The fresh tan dirt on the normally dark bottom, indicates a muskrat has been holing out my bank nearby. I found the hole – after 10 minutes or so of searching – had to bend up a pole to find it. It was narrower than others I’ve found. So I grabbed a rusting #110 trap, set it, and placedRead More

The Queen Bee

May 11, 2015 Nature

Kath and Steve saw the queen yesterday.  All’s well.  Here’s a slew of pics of the bees, the insides of the hive, some bee people, and a big brown bee dog.  First comes the smoker, then opening the top, then the sugar feeder, then pulling the frames, to check status and hopefully, see the queen – which did occur.  Then replenishing the sugar water (they are not yet self sufficient).  Then closing up.  All is well.  And … they are as busy asRead More


May 7, 2015 Nature

Tadpoles are back – so – we have a tadnarium? … Took this shot this afternoon. Later in the afternoon, with the binoculars, I watched a big (3-4′) Northern Water Snake (I think) swim across the pond, then swim/slither onto the reed mats there, and settle in, for a bit, of frog hunting, I believe.  Likely the big brown thing I saw the other day, sunning itself.  This was a big boy.


May 7, 2015 Nature

Just finished watching a green heron eat a couple frogs.  What an appetite.  Explains why our amphibian pop is down this year.  It’s got these really big bright orange feet, big as clowns feet, that enable it to spread it’s weight out over the reeds. Also, saw something round and thick laying on the reeds.  Brownish/Tannish in color.  Smooth.  Looked like a coil of a snake.  Or a mink, laying on top of the reeds.  Never figured out what itRead More

Bat House

May 3, 2015 Nature

  Kathy’s Bat House – finally gets a real home, after a year or more of being shifted about, from here to there, inside our home.