November 2015

Thanksgiving on the Ridge

November 28, 2015 Nature

Had the whole family for Thanksgiving – much thanks for that … The pic formerly here was removed by request.  

Finished the Roofing the Contractor Missed

November 21, 2015 Work

I just added the foam bits that block snow (we had our first snow today) from backing up the metal roofing, where it meets the house – that section has flashing over it – but the contractor hadn’t put the closed cell foam in the spaces under the flashing between the ridges on the metal roofing.  Snow would work back inside there, melt, and cause havoc to my house. Pics showing the foam bits I installed between the flashing andRead More

Evocative in Black and White

November 5, 2015 Nature

Taken this morning – same subject – different emotion.  Click to expand.