An Abandoned Hive …

September 13, 2021 Nature

We had let this hive go, a couple years ago, after the bees died during the winter. Then, last month – the empty hive after two years of hosting nothing but a few flies – had some bees milling about. Quite a few – and I wondered … And then this month, a lotta bees – and now – all of these new bees, they are all full bore at work, preparing the hive for winter – with pollen ladenRead More

Pond, dog, dock and bees

May 8, 2016 Nature

Miles at pondside The dock Kathy and Steve’s new hive And some of its bees (busy, bees?)

The Hive

June 9, 2015 Nature

With the hive just opened, Boris walks … And, here we see Kath, the Bee Master, taking off the gloves – watch out …  

The Smoker

June 2, 2015 Nature

The Queen Bee

May 11, 2015 Nature

Kath and Steve saw the queen yesterday.  All’s well.  Here’s a slew of pics of the bees, the insides of the hive, some bee people, and a big brown bee dog.  First comes the smoker, then opening the top, then the sugar feeder, then pulling the frames, to check status and hopefully, see the queen – which did occur.  Then replenishing the sugar water (they are not yet self sufficient).  Then closing up.  All is well.  And … they are as busy asRead More


April 24, 2015 Nature

Bees in a Box