August 2015

Some Muskrat Damage

August 10, 2015 Nature, Trapping

Damage done to cattails last night.  Really need to get that rascal, and any of his friends who may have joined him.  Can’t find the nest though – too much vegetation.  Need to stay up all night, watching, to find the little bugger’s home.  Perhaps a 22 with a night scope would be of some use?

Not So Wild Cat

August 9, 2015 Nature

Down by the pond.  We call him Shot.  He’s one of our wild cats that lives in our back yard.  Yeah, we feed em.  He just stopped by to say hello to me.  Won’t let me pet him though, unless we’re up on the back deck.  Then he’s a relentless schmoozer.


August 4, 2015 Nature, Trapping

The cattails lying on the pond surface in the above pic, are from a Muskrat having eating away some of the cattail’s root tuber. These cattail fronds lying on the pond, were the first definite Muskrat tells this year. Plus, today, Corey saw a small mammal swimming across the pond.  Had to have been a muskrat. So tomorrow, in order to save the pond’s vegetation, I’ll dig 3  4″ holes in likely muskrat spots in the pond banks.  Digging each hole about 12″ into the pond bank. Read More

Cats – and the things that they do …

August 4, 2015 Nature

  Well, they just don’t do all that much …

Two Old Pals …

August 4, 2015 Nature

  Miles and Bodhi – sometime after dinner … assuming each other’s positions and posture – the best of pals.