April 2015

The Pond Today

April 29, 2015 Nature

The Pond Today – the water is so clear.  Seen parts of the bottom this spring, I’ve never seen before.  No plants yet, cept for some phrag shoots and one plant with lots of minute leaves, along western shore.  And as noted in last post, couple days ago, I planted 12 water lily bulbs.  But what’s bothering me, is that in all that clear pond water, nothing’s moving.  No tadpoles.  No fish.  Not in the open parts I can see, anyway. Read More

Almost Water Lilies

April 27, 2015 Nature

Can’t catch muskrats without bait … And something a bit less, whatever …


April 24, 2015 Nature

Bees in a Box  

One cat, two geese and a duck

April 21, 2015 Nature, Trapping

Two geese came to visit today.  Along with the frog eating duck I saw the other day.  And while capturing this action down at the pond, from up on the deck, one of our feral cats came to check me out – and I caught him on camera – one of the shots … Big Shot? Also, I found the critter that took off with one of my traps last fall – and the trap too – in a foot orRead More

A Green Heron, a turtle, some dragon flies and a few tadpoles

April 17, 2015 Nature

Today was something.  Sighted a turtle sunning itself on the reeds, near the back of the pond … Two quite large, flying, copulating dragon flies – of such beautiful iridescent colors, locked in tandem head to tail, flashing color all about over the top of the pond, on such an early dull brown spring day. And Tadpoles – but only in the sections providing cover. And … a (The?) Green Heron showed up a couple days ago.  Then again yesterday. Today too?  We’ll see.  Lurks about at the backRead More

Ahhh … Muskrats

April 1, 2015 Nature, Trapping

Kept seeing light tan earth in SW corner of pond bottom, sprayed out in a widening arc from one point near the pond edge.  Telltale sign of muskrats.  But, look hard as I might, I couldn’t spot the muskrat’s underwater access hole. And therein lies the heart of this tale … the hole was just above water level.  With light brown soil leading from it, for 2-3 inches to the water’s edge – where the underwater plum begins.  This accessRead More