Just finished watching a green heron eat a couple frogs.  What an appetite.  Explains why our amphibian pop is down this year.  It’s got these really big bright orange feet, big as clowns feet, that enable it to spread it’s weight out over the reeds.

Also, saw something round and thick laying on the reeds.  Brownish/Tannish in color.  Smooth.  Looked like a coil of a snake.  Or a mink, laying on top of the reeds.  Never figured out what it was.  Looked away for a bit.  Looked back to check on it, and it was gone.  Maybe the edge of the shell of a huge turtle?  Now I’m dreaming up stuff.

[It’s the day after, and I can clearly see that there’s a snake, in that exact same spot, sunning itself.  A big Northern Water Snake, I’d guess – seeing it through binocs from the deck.  Got to be the same critter – snakes return to favored spots in the sun.]

Here’s some pics, taken this morning.  Miles was with me, and is partially visible in one pic.  And, there’s always one of the Shots.  Wholly visible by the way.