An Abandoned Hive …

September 13, 2021 @ 11:17 am

We had let this hive go, a couple years ago, after the bees died during the winter. Then, last month – the empty hive after two years of hosting nothing but a few flies – had some bees milling about. Quite a few – and I wondered … And then this month, a lotta bees – and now – all of these new bees, they are all full bore at work, preparing the hive for winter – with pollen laden bees returning about 1 every second during the day.

They no longer use the original entrance – it’s swallowed up by growth, being at the bottom – but a couple frames up, there’s a gap where the top set of frames had rotated slightly – the stack comes askew – and the bees seem to find this entrance to their liking.

It’s so perfectly lovely – we feel blessed – to see an abandoned hive come alive again. And all we had to to was leave a hive out in the yard, year after year, until …

Bees at work. I moved slowly, and they ignored me. All the wild bees on our place do that. Not so wild.
Bringing in the pollen
Bringing in the pollen … the two bright yellow blobs on the rear legs of one of the bees. AKA pollen sacs.
More Pollen
More Pollen
Nearby, a fallen willow begins its return to the earth. The base of the hive must be doing much the same.
Charlie at work while I photograph bees – the yard is his smorgasbord. And that is one of his favorite spots.
The hive.

2 Comments on "An Abandoned Hive …"

  1. Rickie Beck

    You are so fortunate. My son had a hive last year and it did not survive the winter. He’s trying again this year, but he had to purchase a queen both years. I think maybe some bees, too. Do your bees look like regular honey bees? They seem to have wider stripes to me, and they appear larger. Good luck!

    1. tgreen

      I don’t know exactly what kind of honey bees they are. But they are friendly (very important to the curious). Kathy had the hive, back when there were regular store bought bees in it. But they died out two winters in a row – and she gave up doing a hive here, but didn’t give up on bees, and decided to do a hive closer to her home – which she did. Now – someone moved into the old hive here – it’s fun.

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