The pond, cats, dogs, some water lilies and … muskrats?

May 21, 2017 Nature

Walking down to the pond this morning, without the dogs as I got to within 80′ or so, I saw our two muskrat hunting cats (LittleShot and BigShot) peering out of the reeds blanketing the banks on the west side of the pond. They were looking my way – to see if I had the dogs with me – as Charlie will go charging into the reeds after the cats – if I don’t catch him in time. So glad theyRead More

Cats, water lilies and muskrats

June 27, 2016 Family, Nature, Trapping

I planted water lilies again, this year. Even though the muskrats cleaned us out last year – including all cattails, and most phrags.  Pretty much all the pond growth, eaten away at the roots.  Leaving a huge mass of dead rotting vegetation behind. I tried trapping them last year – to no avail.  Got no muskrats.  And they got all living plant matter in the pond. This brings me to the cats … No, not this one.  That’s Boris –Read More

A beautiful spring day – fresh snowfall, geese on the pond

April 9, 2016 Nature

Our two new residents today.  As seen in mag view.  (tap 4 fullsize) The actual view from our deck. And cats.  Yup.  Cats too.  That’s Boris in the foreground, and graycat (a new feral resident here at SRW) at the other end of the deck.  A daily drama. Yesterday, everything was green, growing like mad.  So different today.  Very exciting.

Cats – and the things that they do …

August 4, 2015 Nature

  Well, they just don’t do all that much …

Introducing some of our wild cats …

August 5, 2014 Nature

Last winter, a cat entered our lives – from outside – it found an opening in our crawlspace, and one cold winter night, started mewling at the house crawlspace interface – a piece of plywood – she was violently shaking the plywood as she mewled.  Soo – several months later – here we are … This is momma – she’s showing us how she tells us it’s time to feed her. And two of her four kittens – the other twoRead More