Muskrat hole found, trap set

October 28, 2014 @ 4:02 pm

Found the muskrat hole, finally.  And set a trap …

Showing top of 110 trap, with two support sticks. Hole is in bank to right of trap.

At least one of their holes, at any rate.

It is in the part of the pond where the banks are highest, providing dry dwelling space to the little varmints.  The tell was lighter brown pond bottom leading to the hole.  It’s a few inches under the surface of the water, about the diameter of my fist.  The muskrat(s) ate up so much vegetation, it’s finally possible to find their stuff.

Glad I found the hole, cause the hut I found earlier has an abandoned look to it today.

So, I grabbed some scrap wood, to tie the trap down.  And I set the trap, and tried to place it over the hole, which was on a sloped bank, making it harder.  But, the trap’s there.  And, hopefully, the muskrats will use it.

Some pics of the trap, the yard, the pond, Boris the cat, and Kathy’s Bee Patch.

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