Ahhh … Muskrats

April 1, 2015 @ 2:35 pm

Kept seeing light tan earth in SW corner of pond bottom, sprayed out in a widening arc from one point near the pond edge.  Telltale sign of muskrats.  But, look hard as I might, I couldn’t spot the muskrat’s underwater access hole.

And therein lies the heart of this tale … the hole was just above water level.  With light brown soil leading from it, for 2-3 inches to the water’s edge – where the underwater plum begins.  This access hole leading to the cause of this light brown underwater plum on the pond bottom.

Either muskrat or mink.

So, I set a trap.  A well rusted #110, that had been setting out there all winter, just in case.  That trap made me cringe as I set it.  And … I also crumbled part of their den wall in, with a big black rubber boot … while finding footing along bank in which to set said rusty old finger snapping trap.  So, I’m hoping they don’t use the now crumbled wall as a new access hole, thus bypassing the trap I just set on their current hole.

We’ll see.

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