Where's Ratty??

Muskrat Damage to the Pond

September 2, 2015 @ 11:39 am

Ouch … those ratty muskrats!!!

Just one month ago …

One month ago, water lilies untouched ...
One month ago, water lilies untouched …

And now, this …

Water lilies, after one month
No more water lilies, after one month of muskrats

So, I managed to get off one good shot

The Vigil
The Vigil

Just one shot, for many many hours of hunting, sitting still, in a chair, down by the pond.  Had ratty in the crosshairs, pulled the trigger, and he dived.  No blood.  The next day, he or another muskrat, was seen crossing the pond with a mouth full of plant matter.  They are so careful.  Trapping’s the only way – and I haven’t been able to find their hole, this season.  Not yet.  And now, it’s too late to save the pond – but I will eradicate those muskrats, this year, anyway.

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