First lily pad

First Sightings – Hummingbirds and Water Lilies

May 20, 2015 @ 8:30 am
pond life
pond life
deck life
deck life
Hummingbird's point of view ...
Hummingbird’s point of view …

Corey spotted a Ruby Throated hummingbird a couple days ago.  I saw my first this morning, while Jerie was feeding the outdoor cats.  The hummer hovered about the feeder, warily watching the cats, one of which was quite curious – and the hummer decided not today.

Later today, I’ll get something to raise that feeder a few more feet from the deck railing.

And yesterday, we saw our first water lily pads.  Took the pic today.  Don’t know if it’s a survivor from last year, or from the ones I planted a few weeks ago.  Two plants pads are still under the water’s surface – should poke up late today.

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