Finally Fishes

May 26, 2015 @ 3:52 pm

A beautiful day.  With fish …

Saw fish for sure, for the first time this year … today.  On three occasions so far.  The first time, a school of about 15.  The second time, at least 25.  These were 3-4″ fish in size.  Got to be young Blue Gills.  Both times, in the South West area of the pond.

Pretty much the same for the third time too, which I captured above.

The STUFF on the waters surface, is pollen, basically.  From countless sources.  Plus some eggs, maybe.  The bugs love the STUFF.  And the fishies do so love those buggies.  They were bug hunting as I photographed them.  And various birds dipped occasionally, finding something at the ponds surface to their liking.  Oh yeah – water boatmen, skimming the surface.  Big tads hovering motionless.  And … dragonflies.

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