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July 17, 2015 @ 8:39 pm

This week … Honey.  The first honey harvest, actually.  Kath and Steve worked so hard – but that honey is so delicious.  And to think it came from bees in our own yard.  Wow.  It is delicious.  Yeah.  I said that.  Delicious.

And this week – new roofs on the front porch and back sunroom.  Metal roofs this time.  Dark green.  Lovely.  And they shouldn’t leak (the old ones did).

And, as Rob and Donna were here this week, I put Rob to work, of course.  And we trimmed and pruned the pond view from the deck on down.  Beautiful open view now from the yard and the deck.  And we had a bonfire Sat night, down by the pond.  Nice.

The pond – it’s thriving – except that 2″ sized pollywogs are dying.  Don’t know why.  Everything else is ok.  No muskrat signs.  Both the Tricker’s and Lowe’s water lilies are thriving.  Lotta algae.  Some leafed plants – haven’t ID’d em yet.  And some structured algae like grass.  Tons of frogs.  Saw the snake a week or so ago.  Pair of Green Herons visited briefly, for a couple days.

The yard – And a bothersome coon on the back deck, some nights.

Honey from Kathy and Steve’s bee hive – it’s double yummy
Boris checking out the dock – he’s the BOSS
New back roof
New porch roof
love those water lilies …
The fish put in an appearance this week – at the back of the pond.
Gnats, or something, helping to pollinate the blossom
Reeds – making photogenic geometric angles above the algae mat

DSCF2716 DSCF2723

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