August 4, 2015 @ 10:55 pm


The cattails lying on the pond surface in the above pic, are from a Muskrat having eating away some of the cattail’s root tuber.

These cattail fronds lying on the pond, were the first definite Muskrat tells this year.

Plus, today, Corey saw a small mammal swimming across the pond.  Had to have been a muskrat.

So tomorrow, in order to save the pond’s vegetation, I’ll dig 3  4″ holes in likely muskrat spots in the pond banks.  Digging each hole about 12″ into the pond bank.  And about 3″ under the water’s surface.  And then I’ll set a #110 trap in the entrance to each hole.

For ratty.

The artificial holes are because it’s almost impossible to find their actual tunnels, due to the dense vegetation lining most of the pond banks.  And supposedly, a muskrat can’t resist a good hole.  We’ll see.


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