In Early August

Catching up on things – haven’t posted for a while. Today, it’s the backyard – later this week I’ll catch up on some ship building – maybe.

The house through the trees – from mid hill
Pond grub
One old barn
The dock
Libby with feather
View of the front fence, standing near the barn
The dock from afar
Shimmering reflections and an old unused canoe
An unused net
looking at the night, from the dining room
And some wild looking trees up on the hill

Smart Muskrats

Smart muskrats …

Well, I had nailed their entrances with the new trap sets yesterday – BUT – sometime during the night, they saw their entrances blocked, and rather than trip the traps, they dug an escape hole out the bank. Further, they had turned the newly set trap sideways, so they could continue using the old entrance apparently – and I’m guessing they did this from outside the hole, by pushing on the handle.  They had also dug a new underwater entrance 2m from the ones I’d successfully blocked with the traps.  Smart muskrats.