Muskrat Update

November 26, 2014 @ 1:36 pm

Lowered the 110 trap near the old sink – as I noticed that the brown mud trail was refreshed, and it seems to spew from under where the trap had been – so now it’s blocking the bottom of that hole – I’m betting I get something.

Also, regarding the reed hutch at the back NW corner of the pond – it had freshly gnawed roots laying on top of it – right next to a new opening into the top of the hutch – it’s big inside.

And … I noticed mud extruding from the outside of the bank within a few feet of the hutch – explored that – and it led into a tunnel in the bank.

So, someplace new to set some traps – and an improvement made to my last trap set.  And, I’m getting better at reading muskrat signs – they’re days are numbered, perhaps.

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