Remaining Lilies – what muskrat hasn’t eaten yet

August 16, 2014 Nature, Work

Some pics of the lily patch this morning. And so, after several nights of marauding muskrats, the trap remains un-tripped.  And the apples used as bait – uneaten. I was just so smug, about my bounty, pre-muskrat.  Oh well. On the other hand – turns out we have a pair of Green Herons living in the Willows by the pond.  Pretty neat.

Muskrat Trapping – Learning

August 13, 2014 Nature, Work

Tried carrots last night.  In a trap my son lent me.  This morning, carrots still there, trap untripped.  But a lot of new water lily damage – about half gone now. Went to local grocery store, bought a bag of apples – and are they tart?  Anyway, I’ll rebait the trap before night fall – and we’ll see tomorrow morning, whether or not I get lucky. The trap is right next to the water’s edge, with the opening facing the water.

Trapping Muskrats

August 11, 2014 Nature, Work

Too much new damage this morning, to the water lily patch, for it to have been done by turtles.  Has to be a muskrat.  And at the rate it is going, I fear the lily patch will be completely destroyed in a couple more weeks. So, off I go, this morning, to our local Tractor Supply Co, or Lowes, to purchase a muskrat trap.  Neat.  Never done that before.  (Or maybe my son will loan me one of his –Read More

The old dock, a dog, one old friend

July 29, 2014 Nature, Work

This was before Rob and I built the new doc in late 2011 – or was that early 2012?  Anyway, a pic of Rob and myself, standing on the new doc – spring 2012. And one last still shot of the old doc – it’s just so evocative.