The Lilies This Morning

43 water lily pads visible this morning. 44 this evening.  Last night, when visibility was better, I could see lots of newly planted lilies under the water – making their way toward the surface. Soon.

In another week, when it looks as if all of the lilies planted this year have shown themselves – I’ll make a final 2014 purchase, planting them where there aren’t any.

Also, last night in the early evening, there were 3-4 small schools of fish, in the shallows, working through the lily pads, just a few inches over the bottom. Caught in the last of the sunlight.  Beautiful.

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Down below … still the land of ice and snow


Winter’s almost gone – almost …

Our ice cap is melting, finally.  Studying the new gap in the ice today – saw several small fish – too dark to determine type.

No tadpoles observed.  Maybe they hibernated this winter?  The last 3 winters we’d observed them all winter long.  This was our first winter though, where the pond had such an ice cap, for so long.

Wondering about the tads – where are they?

Saw one dead fish too – and interestingly, don’t think it was a blue.  Maybe a perch (had vertical stripes).  But we only stocked blues – and some quick research just told me that it was most likely a blue.

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