The yard, pond, seasons, animals …

Water Lilies

May 29, 2014 Nature

There are 30 water lily pads showing this morning.  Perhaps 12 plants.  Most so far, if not all, are returns from the plantings done late last summer.  They first showed about 1.5 weeks ago. To these, I added 45 new ones, to buttress those that came back from last year.  More pics … Such hard work.  I drive to Lowe’s.  Purchase.  Drive home.  Walk down to the pond.  Extract the plants from their packaging.  Toss them into the water.  CleanRead More

Down below … still the land of ice and snow

March 20, 2014 Nature

Winter’s almost gone – almost … Our ice cap is melting, finally.  Studying the new gap in the ice today – saw several small fish – too dark to determine type. No tadpoles observed.  Maybe they hibernated this winter?  The last 3 winters we’d observed them all winter long.  This was our first winter though, where the pond had such an ice cap, for so long. Wondering about the tads – where are they? Saw one dead fish too – andRead More

Winter’s End – what it says

March 10, 2014 Nature

Winter’s waning – going to be much ground water this year.  Several inches of snow and ice slowly melting.  Nowhere to drain to yet, ground’s still frozen.  When it all melts, wetness … for a few weeks.

Scenes of a Winter Afternoon

February 25, 2014 Nature

It was pretty cold but not too cold, and the perfect, loveliest, lightest snow had settled on everything.

Pond at its gorgeous best – Autumn 2013

January 22, 2014 Nature