A new gimbal, the same old yard …

Flying my stock DJI F550 hexacopter, with a NAZA 2 FC, an H3B+ camera, recording at 1920 x 1280 x 60fps, supported by a brand new FY MiNi-3D 3 axis gimbal.  Nice.  And a very nice day to try it out on.  Beautiful.

Inverting it is simple. Remove cam. Invert gimbal. Rotate roll 180 deg. Put cam back, right side up. Done. It adjusts to the new orientation on power up.

Bought mine here http://hobbywireless.com/gimbals-hea…al-p-1865.html

Here’s some shots of the mounting …

Such a blue sky that day

Dusk, in early Autumn, below the ridge, and above it …

Taking part in this video:  myself, Corey, Boris and Miles.

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