Brown Easter Eggs, Summer Shandy

Steve and Kathy made these beautiful brown easter eggs.  And Corey provided the Summer Shandy.  And there was enough summer in that Easter Sunday, to enjoy it.


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A Late Winter Drone with Optional Gravy

This is the long version of the short drone snippet published a couple posts back.  It features music by Mutant Smith,, my son-in-law.  Small world.  Enjoy.

Pond – After the Ice is Gone

Winter leaves the pond barren looking.  Just a look though.  The muskrats ate most of the vegetation last year.  Not sure if any are still resident.  The cats have been working the pond over pretty well.  My traps remain empty.


Perhaps this, the only live vegetation in the pond yesterday- is a shoot from a water lily the muskrats didn’t get?  Maybe something else?  We’ll see.

Can’t have a post without a cat …


Kitty, between the window and the venetian blinds.


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Last bit of the first flight of the year – or – a man, his dog and his drone …

The very end, of a very serendipitous, first flight — of the year.  Miles (the ex wonder dog) was there, of course.  Drone was my P3A.

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