Such a tiny drone …

November 27, 2016 @ 7:39 pm



A 24g Blade Inductrix BNF FPV drone – still considered lethal by the FAA outdoors, if flown FPV without a spotter.  Well, the wind is too much for this little critter (in spite of what the FAA thinks) so I fly it indoors, FPV, during our long dark cold winter months.

I boosted its performance, by replacing the 1.25mm plug with a 2.00mm plug – and now it runs like smoke and oakum.  The original power plug would cause LVC to come on way too soon, cutting power a minute or less into the flight.  Now I get 4 min flights – every time.

Update 2017/01/25 … Flight times have deteriorated, for the second time (last time I fixed them with a 2.0 conn). This time I think it’s my batteries (since one batt is way worse than the rest, and another is pretty bad, while two are still pretty good). At any rate, to debug this, I’ve ordered new batts. Soon, I’ll both know the cause … and have it fixed.

Had one frame strut break loose from its duct 4 weeks back.  Fixed it with hot glue.  Been good ever since.

Update 2017/05/04 … Flighttimes restored.  Couple weeks back, I replaced the FC.  Still short flights.  So I swapped the 1.25 conn that was on the new FC, with a new 2.0 conn (didn’t use the 2.0 conn from the old FC, as it’s likely worn out too) … and am now getting 3:30 min to 4:00 min flighttimes.  With the same batteries that had been giving short flighttimes on the old FC.

Also … using rubber cement to repair the struts now.  Works better than hot glue or CA.