Pond in Late September

September 20, 2016 @ 1:18 pm

No Muskrats.  Only cats, frogs, water lilies, bugs, ducks and birds.  And two labs.  Here’s some pics of the fauna.  Never had any water lilies left by late Aug., in years past.  Much less all of them in late Sept.  And still thriving.

Looking forward to next year – as the cats continue keeping the muskrats out.  The water lilies will come back, stronger than ever.  And we’ll put in a handful of adult bluegills – and watch as they breed,  and glide between the water lily pads.  Bluegills brighten to their best colors, when they can swim about underneath water lilies.

A gossamer reflection

So, it will be very very pretty, next summer – with lilies and blues (and cats – love those muskrat munchin cats).

Figured something out about water lily blossoms – why they’re so bright.  Their petals work like light pipes – directing sunlight down to their bases.  That’s why they just light up so.  The bugs must like that too – as they’re programmed more or less, to go into the light.

Blue velvet and water lilies