The Dream of Flight – with both feet on the ground!

December 1, 2015 Drones
That’s Boris the cat, watching reflections of birds on th ponds surface … dreaming …Ahhh – to dream of flight – and then to live that dream, with both feet still on the ground?  Oh yeah.

To see what I saw while flying – view at 720p

 But not with my older std live video crap …

To see what I saw while flying – view at 480p (720×480)

I tried all the usual things …
  • various noise filters
  • expensive vTx and vRx
  • goggles
  • face box
  • small displays
  • large displays
  • 5.8 ghz and 1.3 ghz

But … they were never enough.

So I was never able to get lost in my flights – too busy trying to figure out what I was looking at – until – the Phantom 3 Advanced, with its 720p live video stream.

Disclaimer:  And granted, I bought the somewhat crippled version, in that the bandwidth isn’t there in P3A to stream solid video all the time.  Should have bought a P3P, but was told at the time, that they were only different in that the P3P had 4k, and the P3A did not – DJI made a mistake, and so did I.  But …

The P3A is good enough, that I can get so engrossed watching the live vid on my iPad Air 2, that I forget where I am.  Where I actually forget that I’m not inside that little quad, flying around my yard – flying!!!!

And that’s realizing the dream of flight, with both feet on the ground.


Included above and below, are 3 rather silly live vids from my Phantom3Advanced, and one longer vid, containing several clips of live video from 3 flights on my F550 with a Hero 3 Black+ on a Mini3D gimbal.

To me, there’s only one way to fly – with good live video … Fly the dream.

To see what I saw while flying – view at 720p