Drones, nature and a pond

Such a tiny drone …

November 27, 2016 Drones

A 24g Blade Inductrix BNF FPV drone – still considered lethal by the FAA outdoors, if flown FPV without a spotter.  Well, the wind is too much for this little critter (in spite of what the FAA thinks) so I fly it indoors, FPV, during our long dark cold winter months. I boosted its performance, by replacing the 1.25mm plug with a 2.00mm plug – and now it runs like smoke and oakum.  The original power plug would cause LVC to comeRead More

A Table Saw, Some Memories

November 20, 2016 Family

Bought a new table saw this year – for the safety features.  And retired my dad’s old Delta Homecraft, pictured above (no safety features).  I still have it, tucked away under the basement stairs now … because I cannot part with it. He did so much, with that saw.  I was witness to almost all of it. Looking at the Delta – all cast iron and steel.  Still cuts as true as ever.  Just a tad unsafe to use, by today’s standards.Read More


November 16, 2016 Nature

Miles – So very old, enjoying the dandelions down by the pond last May.  He slowly walks down the hill these days, and then rests his bones for a while – waiting to see where I’ll go next.        

Charley - ready for a pond walk today

Mid Nov – yard and pond

November 15, 2016 Nature

More pond pics – some after a rain

October 1, 2016 Nature


Jan n Jims – from the Air

September 24, 2016 Drones, Family

Took this on labor day, at Jan and Jims place.

Pond in Late September

September 20, 2016 Nature

No Muskrats.  Only cats, frogs, water lilies, bugs, ducks and birds.  And two labs.  Here’s some pics of the fauna.  Never had any water lilies left by late Aug., in years past.  Much less all of them in late Sept.  And still thriving. Looking forward to next year – as the cats continue keeping the muskrats out.  The water lilies will come back, stronger than ever.  And we’ll put in a handful of adult bluegills – and watch as they breed,  and glide between the waterRead More

The Pond Today

September 2, 2016 Nature

Some ground hugging FPV in an i200

August 21, 2016 Drones

Some ground hugging FPV, in a stock Inductrix 200 quad.  It’s smaller than my hand.  Very limited range.  And nothing but fun to fly – once you learn not to bump into everything. Main song, Slow Look, courtesy of https://www.reverbnation.com/mutantsmith

A Tiny Drone

August 17, 2016 Drones

Drones.  Specifically, this tiny 122mm drone.  Been flying it FPV about my yard.  Following the paths under the trees and larger bushes.  Can just about do this now, without catching it in the foliage – if you look closely at the following pics, you can see green crap plastered to the standoffs.  It’s from various leaves and grasses.  I think the camera lens needs a cleaning as well. The video (at the top) was taken a couple days ago – it’sRead More