A Tiny Drone

August 17, 2016 Drones

Drones.  Specifically, this tiny 122mm drone.  Been flying it FPV about my yard.  Following the paths under the trees and larger bushes.  Can just about do this now, without catching it in the foliage – if you look closely at the following pics, you can see green crap plastered to the standoffs.  It’s from various leaves and grasses.  I think the camera lens needs a cleaning as well.


Left side view. The cotton is covering the Dodo FC. It keeps air drafts and direct sunlight from messing with the barometer readings. Boards from the bottom up – RMRC 3in1 ESC, DOGE OSD, Dodo FC, top plate.


Top view – showing the vTx and SD logger stuck to the top of the top plate. Stuck underneath the top plate is the Rx. You can see the two Rx antennae strapped to two ty-raps, bound with red shrink tubing. The blue pinwheel is the vTx antenna. RHCP.


Bottom view – showing the battery strapped in. There’s also Velcro on the bottom plate, and matching Velcro on the battery – that and the strap keeps the batter from flopping about during flight.


Right side view.


Back side view. The props kick vegetable matter into the stack – whenever I don’t fly just so.

The video (at the top) was taken a couple days ago – it’s not HD, because it’s a recording of what I saw, the live FPV in the video goggles, while I was flying the craft.  And these tiny things transmit the roughest of video signals – they’re so small.

And someone just reminded me … A special thanks to my spotters.