Homemade Italian Bread Tonight …


Just out of the oven, and just in time for dinner.

Loki-X3 Frame – Dodo FC



Arty – adds a bit of class to the post, no?





A new frame – the 130mm Loki-X3, from helipad.com.

I put the gear from my HB-122 into it.

I find this frame better than the RMRC HellBender 122 because it doesn’t have loose motor mounting holes, it protects the camera and it has more prop clearance (sometimes the rear props touched on the HB frame).

It just about fits in the palm of my hand.


  • Storm 130 Loki-X3 frame
  • RMRC 3s35c1100 battery pack  (83 g)
  • RMRC BLheli 4 in 1 ESC – 12A (been repaired)
  • Doge OSD (pinned to FC)
  • RMRC Dodo FC – Rev 3a (pinned to OSD)
  • Storm velcro battery strap – provides seat for battery, as well as straps it in
  • 4x 3x3x3 HQ props – green
  • 4x RMRC 1306 3300kv motor
  • FrSky XSR 2.4 Ghz ACCST Receiver, PPM – 7 ch, tyrap’d to  underside of top plate.  PPM cable soldered into Dodo, plugs into XSR.
  • Runcam Eagle camera, 2 deg pitch, mounted to included U frame, which is screwed to the base plate.  Cam cable – gnd, 5-17v in, video out – cable soldered directly to OSDoge OSD, plugs into camera.
  • RMRC Cricket 25mw vTx, tyrap’d to top of top plate …   vTx cable with 3 wires – gnd, 12v in, video in – soldered into OSDoge OSD, plugs into vTx.
  • IBCrazy small blue vTx ant
  • 5v buzzer – glued to front edge of Dodo FC bd, facing frontward.
  • Cotton – for barometer on FC, none yet
  • AUW – 249g

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Twilight – Boris is on the dock and the birds are chasing bugs

Boris on the dock, and another beautiful summer evening begins. Birds swooping low over the pond … hunting the bugs that come out at twilight, when the air is so still.

Boris, our big black cat (he’s such a boss) is fascinated by the reflections of the birds on the water’s surface.  As they swoop back and forth over the pond.  Eating as they go.

And the hunt never stops.