August 2016

Some ground hugging FPV in an i200

August 21, 2016 Drones

Some ground hugging FPV, in a stock Inductrix 200 quad.  It’s smaller than my hand.  Very limited range.  And nothing but fun to fly – once you learn not to bump into everything. Main song, Slow Look, courtesy of

A Tiny Drone

August 17, 2016 Drones

Drones.  Specifically, this tiny 122mm drone.  Been flying it FPV about my yard.  Following the paths under the trees and larger bushes.  Can just about do this now, without catching it in the foliage – if you look closely at the following pics, you can see green crap plastered to the standoffs.  It’s from various leaves and grasses.  I think the camera lens needs a cleaning as well. The video (at the top) was taken a couple days ago – it’sRead More

Something new …

August 5, 2016 Family, Nature