September 2015

Droning on …

September 21, 2015 Drones, Nature

Edits consisting of many short scenes cut to the music.  Used the new DJI P3A to get the footage.  I like this video editing technique.  Plan to use it from now on.

Honey Bear Harvest

September 15, 2015 Nature

Kathy and Steve just finished another harvest.  This time, straight into the honey bears … This batch of honey has a caramel taste to it, I think.  Love it.  Some more pics … Loving those bears … That’s a cat. And that’s enough of that.  Had two pieces of buttered toast today – one with our spring honey, and one with this new late summer honey – and that’s a bit too delicious to think too much about.

Where's Ratty??

Muskrat Damage to the Pond

September 2, 2015 Nature, Trapping

Ouch … those ratty muskrats!!! Just one month ago … And now, this … So, I managed to get off one good shot Just one shot, for many many hours of hunting, sitting still, in a chair, down by the pond.  Had ratty in the crosshairs, pulled the trigger, and he dived.  No blood.  The next day, he or another muskrat, was seen crossing the pond with a mouth full of plant matter.  They are so careful.  Trapping’s the onlyRead More