Barn Foundation Still Wet

Just checked behind the barn.  Still wet.  Even with the work Rob and I did on the side shed and the driveway apron.

2014-08-21 (1)

Rob looking at the new floor jacks we put in.

2014-08-21 (5)

The side shed, with the newly leveled roof. Center still not down yet.

Which means, some of the water affecting the barn foundation comes from a layer of earth 10-12′ below the barn’s driveway apron.  (It is a 3 story barn – 2nd story is level with the driveway.)  I would need drainage tiles down there in front of the barn foundation – or more practically, inside the barn, just behind the front wall.  Here’s what it looked like last winter …


water, frozen, pooring out the barn door


some boxes, frozen hard


Will it ever work again?


I used it this last week, by the way. After some TLC and some starter spray.

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The time has come

The time has come, to kill some muskrats …

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