The old dock, a dog, one old friend

This was before Rob and I built the new doc in late 2011 – or was that early 2012?  Anyway, a pic of Rob and myself, standing on the new doc – spring 2012.

pond w muckers apr 2012 (16)

And one last still shot of the old doc – it’s just so evocative.

pond, decrepit old dock mar 2012 (10)

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A bit of rain in July

Some fun …



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Catching up …

Yellow lily blossom

Yellow water lily blossom – Nymphaea ‘Sulphurea’

More pics to come.  Had 3 red, 1 yellow and 2 white blossoms today.

I’m out on the back deck, overlooking the pond, with my laptop, as I type this.  There are hummingbirds carrying on, just over an arms reach in front of my laptop’s display, feeding from our brightly colored feeder, among other things.

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