Down below … still the land of ice and snow


Winter’s almost gone – almost …

Our ice cap is melting, finally.  Studying the new gap in the ice today – saw several small fish – too dark to determine type.

No tadpoles observed.  Maybe they hibernated this winter?  The last 3 winters we’d observed them all winter long.  This was our first winter though, where the pond had such an ice cap, for so long.

Wondering about the tads – where are they?

Saw one dead fish too – and interestingly, don’t think it was a blue.  Maybe a perch (had vertical stripes).  But we only stocked blues – and some quick research just told me that it was most likely a blue.

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Winter’s End – what it says

Winter’s waning – going to be much ground water this year.  Several inches of snow and ice slowly melting.  Nowhere to drain to yet, ground’s still frozen.  When it all melts, wetness … for a few weeks.

Spot the Flying Fish